Hello, and welcome to my blog. Here you will see a glimpse of my latest work. I'm a lifestyle photographer based out of San Luis Obispo, Ca. My goal is to capture the love and joy that makes you unique by breaking away from traditional backdrops and paring down the use of props and distractions. If you are looking for a photographer who understands the simplicity of nature and the comfort of a home, please contact me. I look forward to working from you!

Last year I collaborated with the ladies from The Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition on a photo shoot for their current website. The pictures were to represent breastfeeding and motherhood. It was such a fun project to work on and I was so happy they asked me again this year. They are working on a new website and this year we included the entire family. Breastfeeding has been a huge part of my life and it feels so good to be able to document mothers and families in this beautiful setting. The Breastfeeding Coalition is an amazing organization that brings the community together in supporting moms. Be sure to check out their page for information and available resources.

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Thank you so much for a wonderful 2014! I am currently on maternity leave and will be posting several sessions to share during this little break from shooting. I am excited for 2015 and all the families that I get to meet and see again. Below is all the new information to get you started for booking this year. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at rachel@rachelneumann.com. Sessions do book fast and I will only be returning to work part time for the 2015 year.

2015 Photography Price List and Details
I will be returning to work from maternity leave on March 1st, 2015 but will begin booking sessions as of January 1st for the 2015 year. The prices will remain the same as listed under Details. However, there will be a few changes/reminders to the contract that are stated below.

All sessions are not booked until payment or deposit is received. Mini Sessions are due in full and Lifestyle, Maternity and Newborn sessions a 50% deposit is due at booking. Once the client receives the contract, payment must be received within one week or the session will open up to the next client. Payment will be accepted via Papal or personal checks/cash mailed to address provided on contract. Contracts go out biweekly.

Mini sessions are offered during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Two dates will be available during the Spring and Summer and eight dates will be offered during the Fall. Each date will have 2 slots (sometimes three). Once those slots fill up, I will only be booking Lifestyle, Maternity, and Newborn Sessions with the remaining dates I have available. Just a reminder that the photographer picks the location for the mini sessions. This is done so I can plan to have multiple families back to back and I have a good estimate on the lighting. These are usually locations that I have used in the past so I know the conditions well. These sessions are designed for one family unit. Each additional member outside immediate family will be an additional $25 and more time may be needed. This includes grandparents, aunt, uncles, friends, etc.

Unless the disc is purchased the session will come up with a gallery of images up to a 5×7 print size. The gallery will be open for one month. Each additional disc is $20 once the additional disc is purchased for $100. The cost of the disc is due at booking.

Pop Up Sessions are the only sessions where payment will be accepted on session day. I plan to have at least five pop up sessions during the Spring and Summer. There will be no pop up sessions in the Fall. Pop Up Sessions do not include newborns as these sessions are outside in sometime cooler conditions.

Spring Mini Session dates and locations are set. Summer will be announced in the Spring. Fall will be announced in the summer. Those who book their sessions first get to pick date and location. Reminder session is not booked unless paid in full.

All sales/deposits are final. If a session is canceled the client will have the opportunity to reschedule their session for another date.

New Year Promotion
The first ten customers who book their sessions before March 1st will receive the disc for no additional fee! ($100 value)
If you aren’t one of the first ten customers to book, you will still receive the disc for $50 if you book prior to June 1st! After June 1st the disc is $100.

The Mini Session dates for the Spring will be March 15th in North County and April 19th in San Luis Obispo. Locations and exact times to be announced. If you wish to book a Lifestyle, Maternity, Engagement or Newborn Session please email me the dates of your preference.

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This session was a favorite. I photographed it last spring and have been waiting to have a little room in my schedule to blog it. I have a few more lifestyle sessions this weekend so I thought it was a good time. This family was celebrating their grandfathers birthday and were having family in town to help celebrate. It was the perfect time to do a lifestyle/extended family photo session. I asked them to come up with some fun things to do and I was so pleased with the results. This post just speaks family and home to me. I love all the details of the home that make it unique to their lives. As soon as I walked in I reached for my camera and went to work as the son was playing on the piano. The family was preparing a meal together while others played toys and games. We even were able to capture the ladies having a tea party next door at grandma’s, an activity that happens often between grandmother and granddaughter. We took some time for some formal pictures and the session then ended while the family sat down to enjoy the meal that they prepared together. I love capturing these everyday moments for families to remember upon. Especially in ones home where so many memories are made. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do. amablog1am-14am-15ablog2ablog3am-25am-27ablog5am-33am-35am-37am-40am-43ablog6am-49ablog7am-61am-65am-72ablog8ablog10ablog11am-90ablog12am-97ablog13am-106am-104ablog14am-137am-139am-143ablog15am-190am-154am-156am-164ablog16am-176am-180am-199am-203ablog17am-214am-217ablog18am-248am-262am-274am-278am-290am-294am-312am-316am-326am-332am-346am-351am-354ablog20ablog21am-384ablog22am-409am-415am-417am-421am-424am-428am-431am-433ablog24am-437ablog25am-455am-457ablog26am-465am-468am-470am-473

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This is my fourth session with this family. It is always fun to catch up at our sessions. One of my favorite things about them is they are always willing to have some fun, with a mix of a few silly and fun pictures to go along with the the traditional portraits. This year was extra special as we did the session in Morro Bay, their home town. We had some wind that night but the lighting was so beautiful and the flowing hair worked with the setting. As locals they also had some fun spots to explore that I will be sure to revisit at future sessions in Morro Bay. Enjoy the preview! brum-17bblog4bblog2bblog3bblog5bblog6brum-85brum-91bblog7brum-104bblog8brum-120bblog9brum-128brum-133bblog11brum-190bblog12bblog13brum-155brum-171brum-175brum-177brum-181

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This family is seriously one of the sweetest. After a pop up session, maternity session, birth and newborn session I really got to know them and they are awesome. When they received their pictures this mom had no idea which ones to print because there were so many options. I told her I would put my favorites on the blog but I don’t know if I helped at all because I had so many favorites too. I am looking forward to watching these boys grow and capturing more memories of this sweet family. blog-4d1blog-9blog-15blog-21blog-25blog-30blog-36blog-37blog-39blog-44d2blog-51blog-57blog-60dblogblog-68blog-76blog-78b4blog-91blog-94blog-93blog-114blog-119blog-129blog-138blog-142b2blog-164b3blog-172blog-182

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I am excited to share yet another fun mini session with so much variety. I was able to photograph this little girl during my Spring Pop Up Sessions and this time the entire family. Our location offered so much variety in backdrops and textures and it was just the look they were looking for. I love all the expressions captured by this sweet girl. Two and half is such a fun age full of personality. Her mom made her shirt and has an Etsy Shop full of equally adorable items. Be sure to check out her shop. Thanks again to this family for a great session. Enjoy the preview!senor-11senor-15senor-21senor-23senor-29sblog1senor-43sblog2sblog3senor-79sblog4senor-94sblog5senor-139senor-141senor-165senor-168senor-169sblog6senor-191senor-195senor-201senor-211senor-213

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I have been photographing these three since the youngest was a newborn. Now baby number three is about to arrive and I had the honor of documenting some pictures for this beautiful mama to remember her pregnancy. It was all a little last minute but it all worked out and it was so fun catching up. The gender of the baby is a surprise and I can not wait to hear the news. Either way it will be perfect. At the end of the session I snapped a few pictures of the girls playing in the park. They were having a blast. They are going to be the best big sisters. Enjoy the preview! arciero-10arciero-15arciero-27arciero-29arciero-23ablogarciero-35arciero-37arciero-39arciero-42ablog2arciero-61arciero-65ablog3arciero-74arciero-84arciero-86arciero-88arciero-91arciero-95arciero-101arciero-107ablog4

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This is my third year photographing this sweet family and it was the perfect session to kick off my fall mini sessions. The session was relaxed and the boys are a blast to photograph. Also, the lighting was perfect! I have quite a few sessions scheduled in Morro Bay this fall and I am excited to see what we capture. The weather is always different but the lighting is always beautiful. If you have a mini session scheduled for the fall this session is a great example of the variety of pictures you will see (and this is just a portion of them). My goal is to capture the family interacting, having fun, a few posed shots and of course a lot of love. Enjoy the preview! stephens-3sblogstephens-23sblog2sblog3stephens-59stephens-63stephens-70stephens-76sblog4stephens-85stephens-89sblog5sblog7stephens-106stephens-103stephens-109stephens-111stephens-114stephens-123stephens-126stephens-132stephens-136sblog8stephens-155sblog9stephens-183

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Just five days ago I was able to photograph this little guy’s birth and today his newborn session. He is the sweetest. I am looking forward to sharing more soon. Enjoy the preview! bdblog

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I was so excited to photograph this wedding. I have always wanted to photograph a courthouse wedding and with a venue as amazing as The Santa Barbara Courthouse it was even more exciting. It was a special day with a beautiful couple and their closest friends and family. Enjoy the preview! Sandoval_sablog-1Sandoval_-2Sandoval_-11Sandoval_-13Sandoval_-14sablog2Sandoval_-19Sandoval_-25Sandoval_-27Sandoval_-30Sandoval_-33Sandoval_-37Sandoval_-40Sandoval_-41Sandoval_-42Sandoval_-45Sandoval_-48sablog3Sandoval_-59Sandoval_-64sablog4sablog5Sandoval_-78Sandoval_-84Sandoval_-87Sandoval_-89sablog6Sandoval_-97sablog7Sandoval_-111Sandoval_-113Sandoval_-117Sandoval_-119Sandoval_-124Sandoval_-125Sandoval_-146Sandoval_-152Sandoval_-164Sandoval_-166Sandoval_-174Sandoval_-184Sandoval_-187Sandoval_-192Sandoval_-203sablog8Sandoval_-212Sandoval_-198Sandoval_-213Sandoval_-215Sandoval_-229Sandoval_-233Sandoval_-237Sandoval_-241Sandoval_-247sablog9Sandoval_-259sablog10Sandoval_-283Sandoval_-286Sandoval_-287

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