I have been volunteering at one of the local breastfeeding groups for just about a year now. I work with the ladies that help organize The Central Coast Breastfeeding Coalition. This is a great resource that has all the information to help families receive the support they need while breastfeeding. More photos were needed for the site so we decided to do a photo session of some moms breastfeeding and bonding with their babies. Thank you to our moms and babies who modeled and helped to embrace breastfeeding here on the central coast. Here are a few previews from the session. bfphotosbfphotos-2bfblog1bfphotos-3bfphotos-6bfphotos-5bfphotos-7bfphotos-8bfphotos-9bfphotos-10bfphotos-11

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I promised some more details on the Pop Up Sessions that I announced last week. I have gotten a lot of response from this and it looks like it will be busy. I have added an additional day on April 3rd at 5:30pm. If you have not seen the original post please read it here. I have finished all the sessions from last week and in the ten minutes I spent with each client I was able to get well over 5-10 images. Some sessions may go much quicker.
The session will be at Dove Creek in Atascadero. As I mentioned before this location is right where I live making it easy and accessible for me. Taking the Santa Barbara exit off the 101 and make a left if you are coming from the NB freeway and a right if you are coming from the SB freeway. You will turn onto Santa Barbara Rd. Not too far from the exit you will see on your left Dove Creek. Make a left onto Bliss Street and go around the roundabout. Turn right on Vereda Verde. You will want to park on the right side and you will find me at the end of the trail before it turns left. Parking will be an issue. If you want to walk over from the parks that may be a good idea too. I don’t want to have it be too crowded so anything to decrease too many cars would be appreciated. It is not a big neighborhood. For this reason I also encourage those who can come Thursday to do so.

There will be a stack of contracts and release forms on the bench along with a sign in sheet. Please sign in first. Sign a contract and release form and wait for your turn.

Lastly, this is the first time I have ever done this so I just ask that everyone take that into consideration. In order for me to do these again I just need things to not get too crazy. If I don’t get to everyone leave your email on the sign in sheet and you will be the first one to know when I do it again. I imagine about 10 people will be all I will be able to get through on one day.
Thank you so much! I am very excited!

*edit I wanted to leave my cell phone number 805-709-9004. I am on call for a birth so if by chance the birth happens at the exact times I will cancel and do it again next week. Please feel free to text me or I will post on Facebook if I have to reschedule. Thanks for understanding.

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