I am excited to share yet another fun mini session with so much variety. I was able to photograph this little girl during my Spring Pop Up Sessions and this time the entire family. Our location offered so much variety in backdrops and textures and it was just the look they were looking for. I love all the expressions captured by this sweet girl. Two and half is such a fun age full of personality. Her mom made her shirt and has an Etsy Shop full of equally adorable items. Be sure to check out her shop. Thanks again to this family for a great session. Enjoy the preview!senor-11senor-15senor-21senor-23senor-29sblog1senor-43sblog2sblog3senor-79sblog4senor-94sblog5senor-139senor-141senor-165senor-168senor-169sblog6senor-191senor-195senor-201senor-211senor-213

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  1. Nancy Sep 25th, 2014 @ 10:12 pm

    The pictures were stunning. Energetic ,powerful, happy, family, love, secure, respectful, quality, cute, wild, loving. Just some of what U saw in all the pictures.