This session was a favorite. I photographed it last spring and have been waiting to have a little room in my schedule to blog it. I have a few more lifestyle sessions this weekend so I thought it was a good time. This family was celebrating their grandfathers birthday and were having family in town to help celebrate. It was the perfect time to do a lifestyle/extended family photo session. I asked them to come up with some fun things to do and I was so pleased with the results. This post just speaks family and home to me. I love all the details of the home that make it unique to their lives. As soon as I walked in I reached for my camera and went to work as the son was playing on the piano. The family was preparing a meal together while others played toys and games. We even were able to capture the ladies having a tea party next door at grandma’s, an activity that happens often between grandmother and granddaughter. We took some time for some formal pictures and the session then ended while the family sat down to enjoy the meal that they prepared together. I love capturing these everyday moments for families to remember upon. Especially in ones home where so many memories are made. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do. amablog1am-14am-15ablog2ablog3am-25am-27ablog5am-33am-35am-37am-40am-43ablog6am-49ablog7am-61am-65am-72ablog8ablog10ablog11am-90ablog12am-97ablog13am-106am-104ablog14am-137am-139am-143ablog15am-190am-154am-156am-164ablog16am-176am-180am-199am-203ablog17am-214am-217ablog18am-248am-262am-274am-278am-290am-294am-312am-316am-326am-332am-346am-351am-354ablog20ablog21am-384ablog22am-409am-415am-417am-421am-424am-428am-431am-433ablog24am-437ablog25am-455am-457ablog26am-465am-468am-470am-473

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