Hi there. I think most of you have met me or known me for some time but for those of you who don’t here is a little bit about me.
Art has always been a part of my life. I remember my first set of markers and how excited I was to get them. I was in the first grade and they were the first set of many markers and art supplies to come. My eighth grade graduation present was an easel. My sisters all got cd players. It has been my creative outlet for as long as I remember. After years of studying art in college I decided maybe I should be a little more practical and looked into becoming a registered nurse. It was right after the birth of my first child and going back to school seemed like the best thing for me as a new mom as I could spend most of my time with my baby. After finishing my prerequisites for the nursing program I enrolled in a couple of photography classes as I waited to get into the program. Shortly before this my husband had gifted me my first dslr camera and I had found my new hobby. Three photography classes later and several hours learning on my own and a friend had asked me to photograph her holiday portraits. It slowly was turning into more than a hobby. My business was just starting to take off when I received my letter of acceptance into the nursing program. Luckily I was able to continue to do what I love as I earned my degree. Now that I have finished school I am thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my two small children and continue to have photography as my creative outlet.
Here I am now starting my fifth year of photographing and documenting memories for others. What excites me the most as I start this fifth year is the direction I am headed. I feel that I have found what I truly want to focus on. Rather than trying to do it all I can just focus on what I am passionate about and that is telling a story. Your story. Your everyday moments.
As a mom of a six year old and an almost one year old I am constantly reminded how precious these years are. Not only are they precious but they go by so quickly.
I’m excited to capture those moments for you as I have captured them for my own family.
You can find more of our everyday moment on my personal blog.