When should I schedule my session?
Family sessions can be scheduled at any time. However, I do recommend scheduling them in advance during the months of September through December as I fill up fast. It is important to book maternity and newborn sessions as soon as you know you want to purchase them. These are time sensitive sessions. I suggest maternity sessions be schedule in the last 4-6 weeks of your pregnancy. This way your belly is nice and full but you are still pretty comfortable to move around. Newborn sessions need to be scheduled in the first two weeks when they are still in that all day sleep pattern. After you deliver you may contact me

Do you do props for newborn sessions?
This is probably the only session where you will see by arrive with some props and yet I still keep it pretty simple. I bring some baskets and swaddle blankets and do have some hats and headbands. You are also free to use your own props but my focus is pictures of you bonding with your baby and capturing the home environment rather than a studio set up.

How long are newborn sessions?
When you schedule your session you will receive a prep list with the session contract. This is help things go a bit smoother. Having a photographer in your home days after bringing home a new baby can sound a bit chaotic but with a little prep before hand and lots of patience it can be much calmer. These sessions can take some time. Patience is key!

What to wear?
Don’t feel like you need coordinated outfits. I think it works great when you don’t match. Pops of color and different textures and prints work great. If the parents want to wear neutral colors I just suggest try not to have your entire outfits be based off black or white. My images tend to have a lot of contrast so black and white tend to blend together. Simple is good too, jeans and a t-shirt with some cute shoes and some accessories will work great. Most important is to just be YOU!

When do I get my pictures?
As stated in the contract processing time takes three weeks. I know this seems like FOREVER, and often it takes much quicker. I put a lot of time in each image and I give my clients a lot of images. I also include a black and white copy of each image which takes extra processing time. Chances are I am also working on other sessions as well. All these factors are why it may take three weeks. Then sometimes you get that package in the mail a little bit early and it feel like Christmas morning.

Do you mail out the disc?
For an additional $5 you can get your disc sent to you. Or you can choose to do local pick up in Atascadero for no additional fee. I am also in San Luis Obispo often and can make arrangements to meet there as well for no additional fee.